Class Schedule


Upcoming class dates will be based on enrollment. Class series is 10 weeks, so please make arrangements by your 24th – 26th week of pregnancy, if possible. Please email me to register! Register early, as class size is limited to maintain optimum personal attention.

A four hour Refresher Course is also available upon requestBBC Stock Photo

(for couples who have had a previous natural birth).

To register contact:


Birth Boot Camp 10-Week Course  $250 Payable at first class

Birth Boot Camp 4-Hour Refresher Course  –  $75

CLASS LOCATION:  Uniontown, Ohio


Class 1  Defining the Mission:  Why Natural Birth

Class 2  P.T. & Chow:  Nutrition for Your Birth & Physical Training

Class 3  Setting Up Camp:  Choosing Where to Birth

Class 4  Countdown to D-Day:  Final Preparations Before Giving Birth

Class 5  Deployment:  Baby on the Move

Class 6  Supporting Arms:  Mom’s Most Important Ally

Class 7  Cadence:  The Sights & Sounds of Birth

Class 8  The Fog of War:  Keeping a Clear Head in Labor

Class 9  The Plan of Attack:  Establishing YOUR Priorities & Making a Plan

Class 10  Mission Accomplished!  The Immediate Postpartum Period