Welcome! I’m so excited you’re having a baby!


Birth should be one of life’s most celebrated events. Unfortunately, our modern culture has often changed birth from a joyous family-centered time to an impersonal medical incident.The parenthood experience, from pregnancy to birth and beyond, can be exciting and scary. Education is an important element of this life-changing journey and childbirth classes are a great first step! Birth Boot Camp is committed to training couples in natural birth and breastfeeding through accessible, contemporary education. Expectant moms AND dads will be prepared throughout a ten-week course, learning how to make informed decisions, how to actively participate in the birthing process and the best ways to begin nurturing their new little gift.

Birth is one of life’s most intense experiences – don’t be unprepared. Becoming educated, trusting in the natural process of birth and surrounding yourself with a supportive birthing team will make all the difference. Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth classes can give you the tools you need to have an amazing birth in Northeast Ohio!

Susan Hetler, BBCI